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Statistical Physics 2

Vak 2014-2015


In comparison to Statistical Physics 1 we will increase complexity of the systems to allow for interaction between objects. We will discuss approximate methods, virial expansion, high- and low-temperature expansion, and mean field theory, for the description of interacting systems. First steps towards a general model of phase transitions and critical behavior will be discussed. Further we will develop theory that describes non-equilibrium steady-state behavior.

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Daijiro Yoshioka, Statistical Physics, An Introduction
Excerpts from (will be provided): Claude Garrod, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics; Frederick Reif, Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics




Written exam (open book)
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Statistische Fysica 1

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Contact details lecturer: Prof.dr. T. Schmidt (Thomas)
More information will be available on Blackboard (which requires a ULCN account).