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Advanced Modern Chinese: Reading


Admission requirements

The course is taught in Mandarin. Students must have a prior level of Mandarin at least equivalent to new HSK 5 (old HSK 6) or TOCFL level 4. They must also meet all entry requirements for the MA Asian Studies: Chinese Studies.


Compared to the course of “Modern Chinese: Reading/ Writing” during the first semester, the degree of difficulties and the length of reading materials of this course are increased. Students should be able to understand details of long and complicated reading texts when given the time and opportunities to read the difficult parts again whether the reading texts are related to their specialization or not.

Course reading materials are based on topics related to Chinese culture & society, economy, history, and politics. No textbook is used for this course; all reading materials are selected from a wide variety of resources, for example, articles from newspaper/ magazines/ blogs and editorials; literature works: proses, short stories, chapters from novels.

This course consists of three parts: before-class tasks, class activities and after -class tasks. First, before-class tasks are designed to check students’ understanding of the reading materials, including reading comprehension, raising questions on texts, and preparation for vocabulary/grammar of the reading materials. Second, students will do oral presentations on their preparation for reading materials in class. Last, after-class tasks include written assignments and active participation on Blackboard. All the assignments are Internet-based.

Students are also expected to prepare adequately and contribute actively.

Course objectives

  • Help MA students currently at an advanced level to develop reading strategies and be able to digest different reading materials with the aid of IT resources i.e., online dictionaries, language learning software, websites, and so on.

  • Familiarize students with common genres and styles of reading texts.


First semester, two hours per week.

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Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total study load: 140 hrs (5 EC x 28 hrs)
-contact hours: 26 hrs (2 hrs/week,13 weeks)
-preparation time ( before-class tasks, class activities, oral presentations, text readings, after-class tasks and final exam): 114 hrs (8,5 hrs/week)

Assessment method

  • Before-class tasks 20%

  • Class activities and oral presentations 10 %

  • After-class task 30%

  • Final exam (reading comprehension) 40%

The resit for the final exam is only available to students whose mark of the final exam is insufficient. The resit will then make up 100% of the mark.


Yes, see for more info Blackboard

Reading list

Class materials will be distributed during the term.


Registration through uSis

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Mrs. Ying-Ting Wang MA