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Challenges in Computer Science Seminar



This course will explore new and emerging areas of Computer Science research, the impact these developments are having on the discipline, and the research being done within LIACS.
A large part of the course will be practical. In groups, students will develop a Web 2.0 application, using Javascript, web services and APIs.


  • Learn new programming languages and learn to use them to build practical applications. You will work with the read/write web to create mash-ups of new material, existing resources and dynamic content.

  • Gain experience of collaborative working and collaborative software development.

  • Gain experience in new and emerging areas of computer science.




Suggested reading will be posted on the website throughout the course.

Table of contents

The course gives an introduction to many computer science research areas including:

  • Web 2.0 and related technologies

  • The Mobile Web

  • Cloud and Grid Computing and Big Data

  • The Semantic Web

  • DNA Computing

  • Data Science

  • Computer Programming Competition

Forms of Work

Lectures, computer practical classes with assignments, regular progress reports and practical application development.


This course has no exam. It will be assessed by the production of a requirements report (10%), a final report and working application (70%) and presentations of the application (20%).


Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee


Challenges in Computer Science Seminar