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Terrorism & Foreign Fighters

Vak 2014-2015

Admission requirements

• Students must be enrolled in the CSM Master program
• At least 8 students must enrol for the course to take place
• A maximum of 30 students can participate, on a first come, first serve basis


This course gives a brief outline of (the study of) the phenomenon of terrorism and radicalisation . This is followed by an in-depth analysis of the number 1 issue on today’s counterterrorism agendas in Europe: European citizens and residents fighting in the civil war in Syria. These persons are also referred to as ‘foreign fighters’, ‘global jihadists’, ‘mujahedeen’ or simply ‘travellers’. The course investigates this specific phenomenon from various theoretical perspectives, ranging from the literature on agenda setting to radicalisation theories. It aims to provide answers to the fundamental questions: who are these foreign fighters, do they pose a threat, and who should do what in order to deal with this phenomenon?

Learning objectives

After completing the course students will be able to – Understand and apply the main conceptual and theoretical approaches with regard to the study of terrorism and radicalisation – Present practical examples of foreign fighters and their specific features, relevant processes and governance challenges – Present and critique the approaches to manage or govern this specific phenomenon – Analyse the complex phenomenon of foreign fighters and ways to deal with this phenomenon, and to translate this analysis into a strategy



Methods of instruction

The this course consists of lectures.

Study load

  • total study load: 140 hrs., of which: – contact hours: 21 – self-study hours: 119

Method of assessment

(1) Weekly assignments (30% of total grade)
(2) Presenting a first draft of a strategy for dealing with the phenomenon of foreign fighters (10%)
(3) Writing a strategy to deal with the phenomenon of foreign fighters (60%)

The resit will take the same form


Yes, course will be available two weeks in advance

Other course materials/literature

To be announced


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