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Thesis EIHRL


Admission requirements
Master degree

Individual research project

Course objectives

Following the successful completion of the taught courses of the programme, students are required to submit a thesis on a topic of their choice. It must address and analyse an issue of European and international human rights law and include a comparative perspective. The latter means it has to engage at least two different human rights law systems or elements thereof. More specifically the thesis should *show the student’s ability to conduct academically sound research on a topic in the area of European and international human rights law in a comparative perspective *show the student’s ability to present the findings of this research in writing in a clear and structured way *show the student’s ability to investigate and present relatively new and innovative findings; the thesis should not be merely descriptive.

Assessment method

Examination form(s)
Assessment method(s) and the weighting of each form of assessment towards the final grade

Thesis 100%

Submission procedures
Hardcopy (3x) + via Blackboard (safe submission; including check on plagiarism)

Areas to be tested within the exam
See thesis assessment form.

Contact information Programme Co-ordinator: Ms. Mahshid Alizadeh Leiden University | Leiden Law School | Office for International Education Steenschuur 25 | 2311 ES Leiden | The Netherlands | (t) +31 71 527 3593 |