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Fieldwork / Study Abroad (ResMA)



Students should be aware that Leiden University will not allow students to do fieldwork in areas colored red and orange (meaning “no travelling allowed” and “only necessary travelling allowed”, respectively) by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The website of the Ministry gives further details.

Students going abroad are furthermore expected to have read and act according to the regulations as laid down in the Leiden University Regulations on Studying Abroad.
More information can also be found on the university website with information for students travelling abroad in the context of their studies.


After the completion of their first year students are expected to spend a complete semester (semester 3) to do fieldwork or to study abroad at one of the institutions affiliated with the programme. Students should discuss their wishes and expectations as early as possible with their “consultant”, preferably at the beginning of their second semester at the latest. The students who want to do fieldwork need to write a sound proposal. This proposal needs to be submitted to the Board of Examiners for approval at least two months before the student leaves (preferably before the end of the second semester) and before the 1 June if they want to leave in September.

More information on fieldwork and the procedures regarding fieldwork can be found on the website of the Research MA. For information on Study Abroad students can contact the International Co-ordinator of the Faculty of Humanities who generally is in charge of Erasmus agreements or the International Officer of the University who is in charge of agreements outside Europe.