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EU and its Neighbourhood




Admission Requirements

Similarly-tagged 200/300-level courses or permission from the instructor.


This course has two main objectives. First, it aims to offer an in-depth overview of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) from its theoretical as well as practical aspects. The course will particularly focus on the discussions around ENP as the main foreign policy tool with which the EU manages its relations with its neighbours. It will also draw attention to regional aspects of the policy in light of current developments in ENP partner states in the southern and eastern neighbourhood. Second, the course intends to examine how the EU functions as a foreign policy actor, especially the interplay between EU institutions and member states as well the EU’s role in the international system.

In addition, the course is to explore the relevance of the European Neighbourhood Policy for International Relations (IR) by considering the way it has been studied. This aspect of the course will be particular interesting for those who are concerned with the current theoretical and methodological debates in IR and/or might like to write their dissertation on this specific European foreign policy.

Course Objectives

The module is aims to provide a critical examination of the EU as a foreign policy actor. In successfully completing this course, you will:

  • understand the relationship the EU and its neighbours;

  • able to think critically about the EU’s role in world politics;

  • demonstrate an understanding of the agendas and strategies of important to the EU but also to the partner sates;

  • develop a more advanced knowledge of the major theoretical approaches to the study of EU foreign policy;

  • Produce a well-argued political essay.

  • Improve your oral presentation skills and your ability to communicate arguments to other students.


The course is predominantly based on journal articles but some of the chapters from the below book will be used as it provides a good overview of the ENP:

Richard G. Whitman and Stefan Wolff (2010) The European Neighbourhood Policy in Perspective – Context, Implementation and Impact, Palgrave Macmillan.