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Science Based Business Internship



In your Science Based Business (SBB) Internship you will further develop your business knowledge and organizational skills as well as gain work experience in a company, government or not-for-profit organisation. Your mission: add value to the organisation, add value to yourself. The SBB Internship is part of the master specialisation Science Based Business. To do the SBB internship it is required to have passed the course Science Based Business Fundamentals

Study Load

The accredited study load of the SBB Internship can range from 23 to 35 EC, also depending on the constraints imposed by the MSc program you are in. Of these, 1 EC is awarded to the process of finding the internship position and defining its contents in consultation with the company internship supervisor thus leaving 22-33 EC for your actual internship period.

Background knowledge

You are required to further enhance your background knowledge of what the business of your internship company is about. This deepening of knowledge (“theoretical deepening”) can be a separate course (including writing an SBB Essay) that is assessed separately or a study assignment that is part of the internship.

Further information

Further and more detailed information can be found on Blackboard in the course module “SBB Internship & Careers”.

The internship experiences of SBB students can be found on the SBB website.


See the website of Science Based Business