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Research internship: Transformation of the Roman World


Admission requirements

Admission to the RMA-programme.


The current research into the Transformation of the Roman world at Leiden University offers a wide choice of internships. It is possible to study material from both North-Western Europe and the Mediterranean.
Possibilities on offer are: contributing to an overview of Merovingian cemeteries in the Netherlands, working on material culture from the Merovingian and Carolingian period (cemeteries, settlements), working on material from sites in the Mediterranean, creating overviews of specific types of material over large areas (to contribute to the analyses of exchange).
It is also possible to do an internship outside Leiden University after consultation and agreement of the track leader (prof. dr. F. Theuws).

Course objectives

Learning how to

  • conduct research;

  • set-up research;

  • write research reports;

  • set-up and supervise field work;

  • place research results in a wider international perspective;

  • plan and direct parts of an excavation.

Mode of instruction


Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Planning (0,5 ects);

  • Internship (3 ects);

  • Evaluation report (1,5 ects).

Assessment method

  • Essay (with catalogue of studied material when relevant) including a report on the internship (70%);

  • Motivation and work attitude (to be assessed by the (external) supervisor) (20%);

  • Quality of the internship proposal (10%).

The evaluation report should be submitted 3 weeks after the internship.

Reading list

To be handed out during class.


Registration for the course is not necessary, registration for the exam is mandatory. For instructions, see the Registration in uSis page.


For more information about this course, please contact prof. dr. F.C.W.J. Theuws.