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Political Science and Public Administration RM Thesis Lab



The Research Master Thesis Lab provides students with an opportunity to develop their master thesis proposal before they start collecting and analyzing data and writing their thesis, or, depending on their degree of advancement, to discuss preliminary results (see Political Science and Public Administration RM Thesis for detailed information about the thesis writing process). During the thesis lab, students meet regularly to present and discuss their research (proposals) and to receive feedback from their fellow students and the thesis lab instructor. The ultimate responsibility for guidance and approval of the thesis proposals, however, rests with the individual thesis supervisors.

Course objectives

After taking this course, students will

  • Have a solid research design for their thesis

  • Have made appropriate choices in terms of methods and theories for their thesis

  • Have a clear idea of the important elements to be found in the thesis

Mode of instruction

Seminar-style group meetings with presentations and discussions

Course Load

Total study load is 140 hours

Assessment method

Pass/fail assessment




The Blackboard site will be made available no later than one week before the start of the course.

Reading list

Readings will be announced in the course syllabus. The readings for the first week of the course will be announced a week in advance on Blackboard


Completed by OSC staff.


Dr. Alexandre Afonso,