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Elective course


Choose 1 course (5 ects):

Advanced human osteology (MSc)
Archaeology of the late Neanderthals and first modern humans in Western Europe
Colonial encounters
Colonies and colonisers: The relationships between Nubia and Egypt
Current issues in Prehistoric research
Current issues in Quaternary research (MSc)
Current issues in the archaeology of the frontier regions of the Roman Empire
Data acquisition and sampling
Data analysis and interpretation
Diverse ways of doing Greek: Hellenism in the Mediterranean and Western Eurasia
Environmental history of the Near East
Exploring non-urban society in the Mediterranean world: Samnium and the Samnites
Footprints of the European expansion: Perspectives on shared cultural heritage
Frontiers of the Roman Empire
History of construction and heritage
Late antique and early Christian Egypt
Maritime archaeology
Mobility and exchange
Neolithisation in the Near East
Palaeoecology and Quaternary stratigraphy: A basic introduction (MSc)
Research methods in mortuary archaeology (MSc)
Seminar Material Culture Studies (MSc)
Techniques of artefact analysis (MSc)
The archaeology of the Crusades: From Sicily to the Holy Land
Themes in European Prehistory
Urban archaeology
Values and rights of indigenous peoples