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Classical Mechanics b


Admission Requirements

Klassieke Mechanica a, Speciale Relativiteitstheorie, Elektrische en Magnetische Velden, Analyse 2


Follow up of Classical Mechanics a (Klassieke Mechanica a) with special attention for the movement of rotating objects and the Lagrange and Hamilton formalism.
-Generalised Variables
-Lagrangian formalism
-Conservation Laws and Nether theorems
-Hamiltonian formalism
-Phase Space

Course objectives

The course goal is to give general understanding of mechanical description of the physical systems. During the course students will become familiar with Lagrange’s and Hamilton’s formalismes and practical skills how to describe any physical system using them. This provides the necessary basis for the courses of Statistical Physics and Quantum Mechanics.



Mode of instruction

Lectures and Seminars

Assessment method

Homeworks – 40%
Written exam (problems solving) – 60%
Final grade is a sum of grades for the homeworks and exam.
Exam can be retaken


Yes. For grades evaluation
To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Reading list

“Classical Mechanics” by Herbert Goldstein and/or “Mechanics” by Landau and Lifshitz
3de boekkeuze (alternatief):
Analytical Mechanics, G.R. Fowles and G.L. Cassiday 6th or 7th edition (Thomson Learning, inc., 1999), ISBN 9780534408138.


Contactgegevens Docent:Dr.A.Boyarsky(Alexey)