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Lineaire Algebra voor informatici 1





In this course we introduce matrices as a tool for representing and solving systems of linear equations. We therefore study various properties of matrices such as rank, determinants, eigenvalues, …. We emphasise the geometric interpretations of these properties.

Learning Objectives

To gain insight into mathematical methods and techniques concerning linear systems and linear maps. How to work with linear systems efficiently on a computer, and some of the ideas underlying image processing software.

Timetable may be found on the Liacs website:

Liacs website


There will be a weekly lecture and also a weekly problem session. As part of the problem session there will be a short test each week, to help students judge their understanding of the material.


As well as the weekly tests, there will be a final examination. The final grade for the course will be an average of the grades from the weekly test and the grade for the final exam; the exam will count for 75%, and the tests for 25%.


David. C. Lay: Linear Algebra and its Applications, 4th Edition, Addison-Wesley
This book will be required for the course; weekly problem sessions will be based on it. Note that earlier editions of the book do not contain the same exercises, and so will not be adequate.


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Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee


Lineaire algebra voor informatici 1