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Corporate and Financial Law


While there is no real international (global) company law, there is a considerable amount of EU company law.The first directive harmonizing some aspects of company law was adopted in 1968. This was the first step in a long and still on-going harmonisation process, the result of which is that European Company Law currently controls areas such as formation, disclosure, representation, nullity, capital protection, mergers and accounting. Neighbouring areas covered by European Law include rules on the involvement of employees and on take-overs. European legal vehicles specifically aimed at facilitating the creation and management of companies with a European dimension have been created, namely the European Economic Interest Grouping and the Societas Europaea. The course addresses all of these developments against the background of the primary (Treaty) law on freedom of establishment granted to national companies formed within the European Union.


Europa Institute
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Sheena Bruce,
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Course Materials

  • Course Reader can be downloaded from blackboard


  • This course is assessed by means of a written exam

Course requirements

  • Master degree


  • Sheena Bruce, – Phone: +31 (0)71 527 7821