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MA internship Archaeological Heritage Management


Admission requirements

  • BA degree (or equivalent) in Archaeology or a relevant discipline;

  • Having successfully finished Exploring the dilemmas of Archaeological Heritage Management.


This is the 3rd phase of the specialisation on archaeological heritage management. In this phase students will experience archaeological heritage management in daily life. You will do a short internship to conduct a small research project at a heritage management organisation or they can participate in on-going projects of the lecturers. Students are allowed to select an issue of their own interest. You may want to engage with the public, evaluate the effectiveness of legal protection measurements, help to develop a site management plan, etc.

You will write a proposal for your project and a report on your results. The results will also be presented to fellow students during a closing meeting and they will be published in a booklet, produced by the students.

RMA-students will get a more difficult assignment, in a sense that they are expected to work more independently and on a larger project. They will design a research project for a small group of people (2-3) and organise that it will be carried out, either as part of the research projects the chair group is conducting, or within a heritage organisation.
Moreover, the RMA-students take the lead, as editors, in the production of the booklet.

Course objectives

Ability to

  • Write a dedicated project proposal;

  • Organise contacts with organisations, experts and practitioners;

  • Successfully carry out a project within a limited period of time;

  • Write a report on the results;

  • Transform the results into a short article;

  • Experience heritage management in daily life.

For RMA-students, in addition to the above:
Ability to

  • Design a relevant and original research project for a research group (2-3 people);

  • Lead such a fieldwork project;

  • Organise the production of a booklet on internship research outcomes;

  • Steer the editing process of the booklet.

Mode of instruction

Autonomous work under supervision.

Assessment method

  • Report on internship (50%);

  • Assessment by supervisor (50%).
    If the final mark is 6 or higher, a retake cannot be given for separate elements of the assessment.

Assessment deadline

The deadline for submission of the report is the end of June 2015.