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MA internship Heritage of Indigenous Peoples


Internships in this field can take different forms, which have in common the realisation of practical work aiming at the documentation, protection, and research of heritage of indigenous peoples.

Currently, there are opportunities in the area of the Americas, particularly in Middle America (Mexico and Guatemala), the (Circum-)Caribbean region and the Andes. Specifically the aim will be to develop ethnographic documentation of traditional technology and/or oral traditions (consultant: prof. dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen).

A second possibility could be working with the Museum of Ethnology / Museum of World Cultures in Leiden, aiming to collaborate with their daily efforts of recording and research of their collections (consultant: dr. L. van Broekhoven), which include indigenous heritage from all over the world. This type of internship may be expanded to include the support of / work in local museums in indigenous communities.

A third option would be support-participation in indigenous organisations, either on the local level or on the international level, or in a developmental / co-financing organisation.

These opportunities depend on circumstances, finances, and security. Obviously adequate preparation, knowledge of the relevant language and the necessary local permits will be requirements.