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MA internship Palaeolithic Archaeology


Admission requirements

  • Must have successfully followed Palaeolithic Europe: An introduction and one related course (Palaeolithic technology, Neanderthal seminar, or preferably Technology-based laboratory studies with a focus on lithics);

  • Must have already participated in an excavation of a Palaeolithic/Prehistoric site;

  • Max. number of students: 4.


Active participation in a research project.
By participating in the excavation, you will gain experience with Palaeolithic excavation techniques, specifically with computerised recording (EDM/Bar-codes/GIS).
Emphasis will be put on the recording and understanding of litho- and archaeostratigraphy, as well as the context of each artefact.

Almost half the time will be spent in the field lab where cleaning, labelling by hand and with bar-code labels, sorting, and preparation of the archaeological remains for further study will be done.

Course objectives

For MA and RMA:

  • Insight into the specific techniques and problems addressed with Palaeolithic excavations in a karstic setting;

  • Skills in excavation techniques and post-excavation processing and analysis;

  • Careful, accurate and responsible treatment of archaeological materials;

  • Working in a team.

For RMA only:

  • To develop one’s own individual small research project within the bigger project, and/or to take over some responsibilities within the bigger project.

Mode of instruction

Mostly practical work, in a small group, and also at an individual level.

Assessment method

  • Participation grade;

  • Individual paper grade.

Assessment deadline

The deadline for submission of the paper is mid-August.

Reading list

To be announced on BlackBoard. Students are expected to have read the major papers already published on Les Cottés (see dr. Soressi’s web page).

Contact information

For more information about this course, please contact mw. dr. M. Soressi.