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Change Management (PE)


This is a specialisation course. It depends upon the number of participants whether the course will take place

Admission requirements



Change management refers to deliberate alterations to managerial decisions and actions that influence the long-run direction and performance of an organization. This course introduces the basic analytical concepts and processes underlying the nature and types of Change, change and organization design and structure, culture and politics of change, Change Leadership, Hard and Soft systems models of change, and future directions and challenges of change management. The course also addresses specific topics, including the central role of the organization’s purpose in formulating effective changes, the identification, development and leveraging of core change competencies.

Course objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the whole and key parts of the Change Management process.

  • Describe the roles which the general manager and middle managers play in planned change management

  • Use change management theories & models to analyze the situation of a firm and its industry sector.

  • Identify the nature of and triggers of strategic change.

  • Apply ethics and leadership principles to change management.


The schedule is tailor-made and will be defined by mutual agreement.

Mode of instruction

The course combines lectures, case studies, interactive discussions, assignments and a final paper.

Assessment method

  • Class participation =10% (asking/answering good questions);

  • Assignmenmts, presentations =40%;

  • Individual critical paper relating practical issues and change theories discussed in class = 50%.



Reading list

  • Making Sense of Change management, London: Kogan Page. 3rd or later edition – obligatory

  • Organizational Change – 4th edition, Barbara Senior and Stephen Swailes, publisher: FT – Prentice Hall , 2010 – recommended

  • materials handed out in class: See also ELO.

Contact information

For more information, please contact Programme Co-ordinator ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M