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Molecular Defects in Human Diseases



This Lecture series will give a brief clinical description of several human conditions and subsequently zoom in on the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. These clinically relevant examples will place previously taught molecular biological principles into perspective.

Course Objectives

Under construction

Reading list/literatuur

Literature will be provided during the course.


Prof. Dr. J. Brouwer

Mode of instruction

Plenary lectures

Assessment method

Written examination (100%)

Admission requirements & Registration

This course is mandatory for students who do the Minor ‘Disease Signaling and Drug Targets’ (DSDT) or ‘Modern Drug Discovery’ (MDD) and these students will be given priority. Additional places may be available to students outside these minors under the condition that they meet the admission criteria. The same admission criteria apply to this course as for any of the Minors DSDT or MDD. Application for students outside these Minors occurs via the study advisers of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.