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Research Skills and Introduction Bachelor Project


Admission Requirements



This course will prepare you and support you in carrying out the Research Project, which is the final part of your degree.
A series of crash-courses and short sessions (run by local experts) will touch upon the core skills that are necessary for
your research project.These will cover:

-Labwork & safety
-Project Management
-Academic integrity
-Searching for literature
-Reading and extracting useful information
-Scientific Writting (lab journal, thesis)
-Research Presentation
-Error Analysis
-Signal Detection and Noise
The research groups of the department will present themselves and the projects.

Course objectives

This course will prepare you and support you in your resreach project.You will develop the following skills at a basic level:

-Work safely and indepentantly in a Lab environement
-Identify and be able to relate with the key support departements of a lab
-Typeset a scientific report using LaTeX
-Manage your project
-Search for scientific literature
-Obtain what you need from scientific literature
-Keep a lab journal
-Write in proper Academic English
-Analyse experimental errors
-Deal with noise in experiments
-Know the rules and issues around Academic Integrity
-Develop the profile of a researcher
-Present your research to a specialised audience



Mode of instruction

Tutorials, exercises

Assessment method

The course is worth 3EC and assessed as a Pass/Fail.

In order to pass, you need to

Complete the Safety drill and the fire extinguishing drill
Attend all morning sessions in the period of Feb 2-17
Attend all subsequent sessions where you have been scheduled to present
Turn in all assignments.


To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL


Contactdetails Teachers:
Dr. H. Papathanassiou (Hara)
Dr.J. Kautz (Jaap)


This course is taught in the first three weeks of February 2016