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Literature Study LACDR



The Literature Study is based on a literature search to answer a research question or hypothesis in the area of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences under supervision of a staff member of the LACDR. The Literature Study should consist of a critical review of scientific literature describing actual information, obtained by sound experimental research.
The subject of the Literature Study should have a degree of novelty:

  • No recent review with a similar subject should have been published, and

  • The subject of the Literature Study must not coincide with the subjects of the student’s Research Projects.

The Literature Study must be performed in an uninterrupted period of 5 weeks and includes the writing of a thesis of approx. 20 tot 25 pages text (excluding figures; A4 , font 10 pt).

Admission requirements

Master students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Mode of instruction

Self study, discussions.

Course objectives

At the end of your 5 weeks literature study you have learned to:

  • write a well-structured paper

  • communicate ideas in a logical, well argued manner

  • demonstrate understanding of and insight into a specific research subject

  • identify and cite key contributors to the field

  • recognize the current state of research in the field (frontier of science)

  • identify major debates e.g. conflicting theories / contradictory findings

  • critically discuss scientific literature, research results and theoretical approache ### Assessment method

Written assay.


Application via uSis, after approval of the study adviser.