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African Literature: Novels, Conflict and Dialogue



In this course, we will focus on conflicts and dialogue in Africa history. We will concentrate on the conflicts and dialogue as part of the liberation struggle in African countries against colonialism (Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria), the female struggle against colonial patriarchal authorities and the psychological effects of living under colonial rule (Fanon’s & Biko’s black consciousness movement). Theme wise, we will focus on conflicts and dialogue between men and women, men and men, between an inner-person’s ego and superego, between established citizens and newcomers and between African citizens and their nation (Apartheid) state. We will critically examine these themes in African literature and film thereby focussing on the tangled relationship between African literature, history and film. Most importantly, we will textually and historically analyse modern and postmodern African Anglophone, Francophone and Arabic literature and its adaptations to and historical representations in African documentaries and film.

Course objectives

Enhance understanding of African literature and film
Textually and historically analyse African literature and film
Gain more insight in the process of adaption of African literature to film



Mode of instruction


Course Load

280 hours (10 EC), allocated as follows:

  • Tutorial attendance: 26 hours

  • Study of literature: 26 hours

  • Preparation of presentation & essay: 128 hours

Assessment method

  • Essay as take home exam: 45 %

  • Presentation on African literature and film: 45 %

  • Attendance: 10 %

To complete the final mark, please take notice of the following:
the final mark for the course is established by determining the weighted average



Reading list

Will be announced on Blackboard


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