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Discretionary space International Studies


Discretionary space (30 ec)

For a complete overview of the possibilities click discretionary space


  • Studying Abroad
    Please visit the International Studies website

  • Internship
    Please note that students need to have successfully completed the course Organizational Theory, Culture, and Behavior in the spring semester prior to the internship, please visit the International Studies website for more information.

  • Minor* – A minor at Leiden University:

Students can choose a minor offered at Leiden University. The minor programmes in English can be found on the website:
minors in English

For more specific information, the minor programmes on offer can be found in the online prospectus:

minors in English Please note that a number of minors on this page are in Dutch.
minors in Dutch

  • A minor at another university:
    It is possible to follow a minor at another university in the Netherlands. This minor needs to be approved (before the start of the minor) by the board of examiners.

  • Creating your own minor:
    It is possible to create your own minor programme by selecting different courses.

This minor needs to:

  • cover 30 ec

  • contain at least one level 300 course

  • be coherent

  • be approved (before the start of the minor) by the board of examiners.

Minor in two semesters

If the minor of your choice is spread over two semesters, you have to follow the thesis seminar and write your thesis in the first semester of the third year.


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