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Contemporary Visions of Gender and Sexuality


Admission requirements

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The seminar begins at the end of the sixties, with the second wave of feminism, and continues up to the most radical thought of today. We will read, view and discuss controversial films and novels, like Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971) and Charlotte Roch’s Wetlands (2008). We will evaluate why artistic genius has been accorded mainly to male writers and painters. Do women write differently than men? How do popular culture and the arts represent female and male desires? Emerging from gay and lesbian studies in the context of the AIDS crisis, queer theory will dare us to perceive heteronormativity and the fluidity of sexual desire. Is your sex or gender fixed? We will engage with transgender and intersex activism to learn about how far you can ‘play’ with your identity beyond the binary. We conclude with new questions launched by queer and trans of color critique, and cyberfeminist explorations of life beyond the (sexed) human.

Course objectives

After completion of the course:

  • the student has the knowledge and understanding of the main current debates about the role that gender and sexuality play in culture, film and literature (from the 1960s to the present);

  • the student is capable of developing theoretical insights into gender and and sexuality as a discursive, social, technological construction through text and image analysis;

  • the student can recognize the role of gender and sexuality play in literature, film, and society, and futher, he/she is able to reflect critically on the sexual dimensions of literary and film criticism, historization, and debates on the future of gender and sexuality studies.



Mode of instruction

Lectures mixed with workgroup class meetings

Course Load

Contemporary Visions – 208 total

  • Course meetings: 26 hrs

  • Preparation for meetings: 150 hrs

  • Assignments and Exams: 38 hrs

Assessment method

Mid-term Take-home Exam (50%); End-term Take-Home Exam (50%)


Blackboard will be used for communication, providing literature and/or other study material, for turnitin, and where applicable for reading and writing assignments, discussion forums, peer feedback, and to ask questions to the teacher and/or fellow students.

Reading list

Longer academic texts are available through the ‘collegeplank’ in the University Library and can be copied on site. Shorter texts are posted on Blackboard.


Students need to register in uSis for classes, exams and final papers.

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Coordinator Dr. Eliza Steinbock.
Onderwijsadministratie: Van Wijkplaats.
Studiecoördinator: mevr. drs. E.M.T.Poolman.


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