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Research Colloquia


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The ICT in Business Research Colloquia aim to expose students to selected research areas and research approaches in computer science and management information systems.
During the sessions, a research problem is addressed in small groups. Generally, a research objective (including associated research questions) is decided on in the first two sessions. Then, two sessions are spent on development of the measurement instrument (in past years we used a grounded theory approach in combination with interviews and, e.g., a survey). The two last sessions are used for testing of the measurement
instrument and integrating the results. All sessions contain lectures on theoretical foundations of the applied scientific methods as well as group debates regarding implementation-specific challenges. Literature consist of a variety of scientific articles. The objective is to write up the results of the study in a scientific paper.

Course objectives

Learning objectives are threefold. First, students will be exposed to current research and research approaches and gain a better understanding of academic research in this area. Second, students will gain experience in analysing and addressing a complex, scientific problem and the methods to address such a problem. Third, students will increase their ability to assess, translate and apply research to real-world situations in an organisational context. The main focus of the course is the research that is done at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). However, some valuable additions to the course may come from outside the LIACS.


The schedule can be found on the LIACS website

Detailed table of contents can be found in blackboard.

Mode of instruction

6 lectures (3 hours each) spread over one semester. All sessions contain lectures as well as group debates.

Assessment method

There is no written exam. All sessions are mandatory and you are responsible for signing the attendance form (is it complete and correct?)

  • Quality of deliverables (75%)

  • Participation (25%)


Research Colloquia

Reading list

Literature (scientific papers) is handed out during the course.

Signing up for classes and exams

You have to sign up for classes and examinations (including resits) in uSis. Check this link for more information and activity codes.

There is a limited capacity for students from outside the master ICT in Business. Please contact the Programme Co-ordinator.

Contact information

Programme Co-ordinator ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M