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Electives are courses that address topics that are not covered by the normal curriculum. Different topics are provided, both in the field of ICT and business. Each student will complete at least 9 EC elective courses. Students can choose the topics themselves, based on their individual preferences. Electives can be taken at any University, and in principle have to be of a masterlevel. Permission is necessary before starting the course (see signing up for courses).

Course objectives

Deepen and apply students’ insights in specific practical ICT related issues, with a focus on gaining additional skills or getting in-depth knowledge on specific “problem areas” at the intersection between business and ICT.

Mode of instruction

Lectures interspersed with interactive sessions, student presentations and role-play games.
Depending on the subject, external expert matter specialists will conduct part of the lectures in order to guarantee in-depth and up-to-date knowledge transfer in specialized areas.

Assessment method

  • Presence and active participation.

  • Depending on the elective, present findings and proposals or improve upon gained knowledge and theory in (student) presentations and role-play exercises.

  • In most cases the students will have to pretend to be part of the company involved, as such sharpening their business communication skills through immersion.

  • Depending on the subject the assessment can be either by theory exam, assessing written assignments or assessment of “live” case presentations.

  • Assignments and presentations will be assesses on alignment, depth of research, completeness, realism and creativity.

Reading list

Dependent on the case. Discussions and document distribution through Blackboard.

Signing up for classes and exams

Electives at Leiden University:
You should fill in a petion request (replacement) in uSis and sign up for classes and examinations (including resits) in uSis. Check this link for more information and activity codes.

Electives outside Leiden University:
Please send a message with course information (link to studyguide) to the programme Co-ordinator. You should as well fill in a petion request (external education) in uSis.

More information about petion requests can be found here

Contact information

Programme Co-ordinator ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M