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Research Participation & Scientific Reporting (PE)


Admission requirements



The course Research Participation and Scientific Writing is a practical course that teaches you the basics of performing empirical research. Additionally you will learn how to present your research to a scientific audience. The course will prepare you for carrying out your own research during you master thesis project.

Course objectives

  • to introduce you to the basic concepts of research, – to help you design research studies like your master thesis, – to execute the study and – to write it up in a professional way


The schedule is tailor-made and will be defined by mutual agreement. A detailed table of contents is published in ELO.

Mode of instruction

Lectures and student presentations

Assessment method

The course has 3 deliverables:
1 Comparative paper on assessing the quality of scientific texts concerning the structure and writing style (not the content). You will learn from the analysis which mandatory aspects need to be addressed in each chapter of their thesis.
2 Research proposal.
3 Student presentation on a software tool that is used for research.


Methodology and Research Approach

Contact information

Programme Co-ordinator “ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M”