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Topics in Theoretical Physics


Admission Requirements



Physics of Relativistic Systems
These lectures will provide an introduction to physics and physical systems in contexts where relativistic effects cannot be neglected. This includes relativistic particles and fluids, electro-magnetic and gravitational radiation and extreme environments in the universe

Course objectives

The course aims to provide students with the physical and mathematical tools of relativistic classical mechanics and field theory as a preparation for General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology. Topics covered will be relativistic kinematics, sound waves in relativistic fluids and the emission, propagation and scattering of electro-magnetic and gravitational radiation in Minkowski space.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

Lectures and problem solving in class.

Assessment method

Written tests and problem solving in class


To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Reading list

The reading material will be handed to the stundents during the lectures.
Notes and exercise will be handed out in class.
Background reading:
S.Weinberg – Gravitation and Cosmology (J.Wiley)
J.Hartle- Gravity ( Addison Wesley) or equivalent


Contactgegevens Docent:Prof.dr.J.W.van Holten (Jan-Willem)