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Excursion Pleistocene


Admission requirements

Bioarchaeology and Quaternary geology obtained.


This excursion is part of the BA2 in-depth Archaeological Sciences lecture and the BA3 specialisation Bioarchaeology. The other part is Isotopes in archaeology (3 ec), which stands apart from this excursion.

During this excursion, the BA2 courses Bioarchaeology and Quaternary geology of the Netherlands come together, as well as the link to archaeology.

Every year an excursion to a Dutch region is planned, focusing on the relationship between flora, geology and archaeology. This year, the poor sandy grounds in the central Netherlands are central. The characteristic flora, landscape processes and human settlement history will be addressed.
Before the excursion, a subject will be worked out in groups: an essay (6 pp) will be written and the information presented to the other students.

Course objectives

  • Understanding and knowledge of the interrelationship between geology, soil and flora;

  • Application of the knowledge from previous lectures on this subject;

  • Insight into the landscape processes which played a role during the development of Pleistocene Netherlands and their consequences for settlement history;

  • Ability to effectively work together;

  • Ability to communicate data by means of a presentation.


Course schedule details can be found in the BA3 time schedule.

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar;

  • Excursion.

Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Short report, ca 2,400 words (6 pages) (1 ec);

  • Prepare + give presentation + excursion (1 ec).

Assessment method

  • Presentation (50%);

  • Assignment (50%), evaluated by the group.

All exam dates (exams, re-sits, paper deadlines etc.) can be found in the BA3 examination schedule.

Reading list

To be compiled by the students.


Registration for the course or the exam is not required.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. J.A. Mol.


Compulsory attendance.