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Elective course

Vak 2017-2018

Choose 1 course (5 ects).
Please note that some courses span 2 blocks (see the master time schedule for more details).

Block 1 (11 September - 20 October 2017)
Archaeological theory
Culture, heritage and international law
Current issues in the archaeology of the frontier regions of the Roman Empire
Heritage, media and museums
Key developments in European Prehistory
Mobility and exchange in the Americas across 1492
Neolithisation in the Near East
Palaeoecology and Quaternary stratigraphy: A basic introduction (MSc)
The archaeology of Roman imperialism

Block 2 (30 October - 15 December 2017)
Approaches to the built environment as object: Methods and theory (Msc)
Environmental history of the Near East

Block 3 (5 February - 23 March 2018)
Archaeological theory
Archaeology of the late Neanderthals and first Modern humans
Community heritage and global challenges
Current issues in Quaternary research (MSc)
Disruptive innovations in Prehistory
History of construction and heritage
Maritime archaeology
Research methods in mortuary archaeology (Msc)
Social complexity in the Americas
Techniques of artefact analysis (MSc)
The impact of global connections and the formaion of the Roman Empire (ca. 200-30 BC)
Urban archaeology
Urban societies of the ancient Near East

Block 4 (3 April - 18 May 2018)
Forensic archaeology