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Individual project



The MA Linguistics offers students the possibility to exchange one elective for an individual project.* With an individual project, depending on the interest of the student, a student can get hands-on experience working on a linguistics project together with a researcher from LUCL. This project can consist of doing an experiment in one of the LUCL labs, collecting and analyzing data, building a database, working with "big data", or doing fieldwork. Students are encouraged to put their linguistic knowledge into practice, and to contribute their own ideas to the project. Individual projects are made available by LUCL researchers and are approved by the exam committee. Contact the study-coordinator for information about available projects.
*An external internship at an organization/institution in the field of linguistics is possible too. This is organized through the Leiden University Career Service. Contact the study-coordinator for more information about the procedure.

Course objectives

A student learns:

  • to understand how his/her linguistic knowledge can be applied in projects

  • new ways to put linguistic knowledge into practice

  • what is involved in real life applications of linguistic knowledge

  • to cooperate with a professional and/or other student

  • practical skills to bring a project to a fruitful end

  • to present the final results of the project


to be discussed with the project leader

Mode of instruction

Individual meetings with the project leader

Course load

preparation time (background reading, discussing the plan): ±40 hours
preparing final project assessment: ±40 hours
working on the project and supervision: ±200 hours

Assessment method

Project assessment: 50%
Evaluation by project supervisor: 50%


Please contact Student administration van Eyckhof for questions.