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Humanitarian Intervention and Peacebuilding


Admission requirements

This course is part of the minor Global Affairs and can thus only be followed as part of this minor.


The course will discuss ‘Humanitarian Intervention and Peacebuilding’. During this course, students will discuss various interventions and peace in a globalised and changing world. The main questions will be: What is the meaning of humanitarian intervention? What is the role of the United Nations and other organizations? How do we build peace after international interventions and conflict? What are the main tools used in peacebuilding period? Does peace take priority over justice? What does the reconciliation process entail? How to reconcile local needs with the international community’s needs?

Course objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • explain and apply the concepts of humanitarian intervention and peacebuilding;

  • apply the concepts of humanitarian intervention and peacebuilding on specific cases;

  • demonstrate a well-founded understanding of the use of force and peacebuilding in international politics



Mode of instruction

The class will consist mainly of lectures and class debates in which current affairs pertaining to the course content will be discussed and analyzed.

Course Load

The total study load for this course is 140 hours, consisting of: 21 hours for attending lectures
119 hours studying – work on assignments**

Assessment method

2 Papers

  • Research paper (50%)

  • Debate paper (50%)

Details for submitting papers (deadlines) are posted on Blackboard.

Late hand in penalty: 0,5 minus per day, and after seven days we do not accept papers any longer.

Compensation rule: the two essays cannot be compensated, a passing grade has to be obtained for both of them.

Retake: in order to redo the paper, you need to hand-in the first paper. If you fail to hand in the first paper, you will not be able to redo the paper. Students will be permitted to re-do the paper if they have a mark between 3 and 5,4 or with permission of the Board of Examiners.


Blackboard will be used.

Reading list

Will be made available via Blackboard.






All sessions will be in English.
Papers need to be written in English.