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Scaling for Global Impact


Admission requirements

Admission is conditional on submission for the minor Innovation, Co-Creation and Global Impact
A knowledge of Dutch is not necessary. You should have obtained your propedeuse before starting this minor.


Ideally society recognizes the impact of your start-up and perceives it as valuable. You can achieve this by creating a learning environment that continuously improves the value of your work and produces information that stakeholders can use in order to assess and recognize the value of your project.

During the course Recognising (Global) Impact you will learn to answer the basic question that every stakeholder eventually will ask: why should I disrupt and rebuild? Or put in other words: why should I invest in your start-up and change the status quo? The course teaches you how to reflect on the meaning of impact, define the impact of your project, evaluate impacts and use evaluations to gain support and scale up.

This course is intended to be a balance of theory and practice. It provides you with relevant theories, tools and engages you in the practice of being an entrepreneur. You will explore what impact is and learn how to develop specific measurement instruments that can accurately capture the degree to which valued (and disvalued) effects are occurring. Furthermore, you will learn how to engage stakeholders so that they recognize the value of the project and help grow the company.

Course objectives

After this course you will be able to:

… study the various facets of impact
… assess a project that balances people, planet and profit impact
… reflect on different ways to measure impact
… report on your study, assessment and reflection of impact
… define the impact of an initiative
… develop a method how to measure the impact
… plan how to measure the impact
… test your methods with a scientist


Nov 6/ 10h-13h: Kick-off
Nov 13/ 10h-13h: Recognizing impact: why, what and how?
Nov 20/ 10h-13h: Translating: from values to norms
Nov 27/ 10h-13h: Making impact tangible
Dec 4/ 10h-13h: Measuring and evaluating impact
Dec 11/ 10h-13h: Changing the game: deinstitutionalizing context-setters
Dec 18/ 10h-13h: Scaling-up

Mode of instruction

Interactive lectures and workshops

Course Load

This is a rough breakdown of the course load
• 23 hours are spent on attending lectures and workshops;
• 23 hours are spent on preparing for the seminar and lectures;
• 8 hours to write an individual essay;
• 16 hours to write a group report.

Assessment method

Assessment and grading method:
• Individual essay assignment 60% of final grade
• Group report 40% of final grade
• Obligatory attendance of the seminars (Pass or Fail)
• Rounding off grades to 0,5 decimales is subject to class participation.



Reading list

To be announced


You have to register for both the minor and the course in Usis. Registration for this course only is not possible.


Sjoerd Louwaars


This course is part of the minor in Innovation, Co-Creation and Global Impact. You can only take the course as part of this minor.