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Creating a Start-up 2


Admission requirements

Admission is conditional on submission for the minor Innovation, Co-Creation and Global Impact
A knowledge of Dutch is not necessary. You should have obtained your propedeuse before starting this minor.


This course helps you to design and optimize a product/service concept by means of a pilot research. The pilot aims to test the product/service as well as assumptions underpinning your start-up.

The pilot will be approached as a design research. By making a prototype or mock-up of the intended product/service, your initial concept (and/or start-up as a whole) can be tested by potential users, partners and/or other stakeholders. The outcome of the pilot should help you to develop strategy for a sustainable start-up. The execution of your project can be challenging, because of dependencies on people, organisations and resources. In this course you will develop the mixed-method pilot research plan, execute the research for data gathering, and conduct an analysis of data gathered during the pilot execution. Also, you will learn to purposefully translate the findings into new (design) actions for the product/service and/or your start-up strategy as a whole.

Course objectives

After this course you will be able to:

… develop a mixed-method pilot research plan … evaluate the impact of a pilot experiment … make a prototype of your product/service concept … test the product/service concept within/in interaction with societal actors … convert pilot research conclusions into a sustainable start-up strategy … assess your own qualities and pitfalls … reflect on taking part in an interdisciplinary team … report on your personal learning objectives for becoming more effective … present the framing, value proposition, experiment and strategy of your start-up


Nov 9/ 10h-14h: Define your pilot
Nov 16/ 10h-14h: Design your pilot
Nov 23/ 10h-14h: Plan your pilot
Nov 30/ 10h-14h: Pilot execution
Dec 6/ 10h-14h: Pilot execution
Dec 13/ 10h-14h: Evaluating your pilot
Dec 20/ 10h-14h: Scaling your pilot

Mode of instruction

Interactive lectures and workshops

Course Load

This is a rough breakdown of the course load

  • 28 hours are spent on attending lectures and workshops;

  • 21 hours are spent on preparing for the lectures;

  • 12 hours to write an individual essay;

  • 8 hours preparing for the group presentation;

  • 12 hours to write a group report.

Assessment method

Assessment and grading method:

  • Group report 40% of final grade

  • Individual essay assignment 40% of final grade

  • Final group presentation 20% of the final grade

  • Obligatory attendance of the lectures and workshops (Pass or Fail)

  • Rounding off grades to 0,5 decimales is subject to class participation.



Reading list

To be announced


You have to register for both the minor and the course in Usis. Registration for this course only is not possible.


Sjoerd Louwaars


This course is part of the minor in Innovation, Co-Creation and Global Impact. You can only take the course as part of this minor.