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Medical Education



The students will be introduced into educational theory and develop educational skills. The half minor program will start with a crush-course in the theoretical background of peer teaching and (bio)medical education. Therefrom, you will start with attending workgroups/lectures of the first year of biomedical sciences or medicine to observe other teachers. You will start teaching small groups by using the theoretical background and by the observations done in the first days and few weeks. Upon completions, you will participate in an educational science research project and write a scientific paper. Students who successfully complete this Half Minor will receive a certificate at the end.

Learning goals

Upon completion of this minor:

  • students can apply theory of learning and teaching when preparing, performing and evaluating medical education in small group learning (Communicator, Scholar),

  • students o can explain learning and student group dynamics using theories of social sciences and medical sciences (Scholar, Communicator, Health Advocate),

  • students can evaluate learning situations and consider solutions (Professional, Collaborator).

  • students will be able to research educational problems and questions (Academic)

Education styles

Group work and group discussion, self-study, observations, practical’s, and debates, excursions


  • Literature review or implementation of theory: oral presentation (15% of final grade)

  • Evaluation of your small group teaching skills, using a rubric that contains well defined criteria (20% of final grade)

  • Research paper (50% of final grade)

  • (Poster) presentation of research paper (15% of final grade)

Additional assessment
Formative assessments during the workgroup activities.

Attandance and participation is obligatory.

In the case of insufficient scores for any of the assessment tasks, a new assessment will be organized

Examination committee
Dr. M. Houtlosser
Drs A.F.Norbart

Examination dates

  • Literature review: oral presentation September 18th

  • Evaluation of your small group teaching skills, October 19th

  • Research paper November 12th

  • (Poster) presentation of research paper November 8th-9th


Harden RM, Laidlaw JM. Essential skills for a medical teacher. An introduction to teaching and learning in medicine. Edingburgh: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2012. p.254


Dr. A.F.Norbart
DOO Onderwijs Expertise Centrum
071-526 8321/8359

Dr M. Houtlosser
Sectie Ethiek en recht van de gezondheidszorg