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Research and evidence (Educational line)


Admission requirements

Bachelor degree and admission to Master Vitality & Ageing.


To be able to interpret results of research and to critically appraise scientific articles is a necessary academic skill. In this educational line, students learn the principals and techniques of different types of research, including biomedical research, epidemiological research and behavioural research. The students will learn the principles of quantitative and qualitative methods and they will apply these principles on various research questions. The students will learn to interpret study results and to define new valid research questions. The students will be able to design and write scientific research plans and to peer review the study designs of fellow students and researchers. To learn to interpret evidence, the students will focus on three main questions, which run through the course:

1) are the results of this study valid? (study design)
2) are the valid results of this study important?
3) are the valid, important results of this study applicable to my ‘situation’?

During the line Research and Evidence the students will prepare themselves to do a scientific internship and to write a thesis.

Course objectives

The student:

  • applies the principles of clinical research to various research questions

  • is able to review international scientific literature

  • defines a valid research question

  • explains various types of clinical epidemiological study designs

  • shows insights in the background and premises of qualitative research

  • draws up a scientific hypothesis, designs and writes a scientifically sound research plan and evaluates this plan using peer review of fellow students and/or researchers

Mode of instruction

Lectures, discussion groups, activities, self-study, (practical) assignments.

Assessment method

Written exam, oral and written assignments, in groups or individually. More information will be published on blackboard.

Reading list

Will be published on blackboard.