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Student Project Group


The integrative focal point of this minor is the Student Project Groups (SPGs) which are mixed groups of 4-6 students coming from the three universities, tutored by academic coaches. Most projects are done in cooperation with a company or societal organisation, and during the process each SPG is in touch with this target stakeholder. In the SPG, the student will apply the Intervention Cycle to a real-life case of innovation. At the end of each quarter, there will be a plenary seminar where the groups will present their results to fellow students and coaches and, if feasible, also the target stakeholders. The SPGs are formed during the first integration seminar, also known as the Kick-off day of the minor.
The structure of the SPG’s is based on the six steps of the Intervention Cycle: Problem Identification, Problem Analysis, Problem Definition, Solution (Re)Design, Solution Implementation and Solution Evaluation. Students will cover the entire cycle during each of the two quarters. The results will be presented during the plenary sessions at the end of the first and second quarter (week 9 and week 18).
At the end of the learning experience you can demonstrate understanding of the intervention cycle by applying the framework to a specific case of responsible innovation by working in an interdisciplinary team. This includes:
1. Applying practical and theoretical knowledge to papers and presentations; and
2. Reflecting on teamwork and team decision making processes.

Please follow this link for more information on the SPG's, Coaches and Target Stakeholders, Interdisciplinary Group Work, The Intervention Cycle, and The Schedule Overview and Assessments of SPG's, or click on each area which will lead you to the information in a new tab.