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Internet Seminar on Evolution Equations (TUD)


Description and programme

As in previous years there is the possibility to participate in an international course that is oriented towards functional analysis, and where lecture notes and assignments are distributed via the web. This is the so-called “International Internet seminar on Evolution Equations”. It has a study phase from October-February, a project preparation phase in international groups from April-June and a workshop in Wuppertal (Germany) from 30 June - 6 July 2018 where the projects are presented. This year's topic is `Functional calculus'. For more information and registration see the website.
A local group in Delft will be launched and meet regularly to discuss the material and the exercises. Leiden participants are welcome to join this group. For this, please contact Mark Veraar at


Students can start only in October. It is not possible to start in the spring semester.


The grade is assigned by the Delft faculty. It is based on the participation in the weekly meetings in Delft, the solutions to the weekly exercises, the preparation of the project in an international team, and the presentation of this project during the final workshop.

Board in Wuppertal

This is usually fully covered for the participants by a sponsor, but inquiring beforehand with the organisers at the ISEM page is advisable.


The Leiden Mathematical Institute reimburses the cost of the international workshop (including travel) of successful (!) participants to a maximum of 200 euros.


See the ISEM website above.

Leiden contact

Dr. Marcel de Jeu.