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Effective Field Theory


Admission Requirements

Some knowledge of Relativistic Electrodynamics is desirable.


This course is a brief introduction to common concepts in classical field theory used throughout theoretical physics in cosmology, elementary particle and condensed matter physics.


  • Symmetries and conservation laws

  • Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Goldstone bosons

  • Solitons

  • Perturbation theory

  • Scattering

Course objectives

A basic understanding of the topics listed above, including the ability to do computations of the most important effects.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

Lectures, problem sessions and tutorials. The homework exercises constitute an essential part of the course and of the syllabus.

Assessment method

To be discussed with the students. Most likely, a written exam supplemented by other means of evaluation


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Reading list

An introduction to Quantum Field Theory, M.E. Peskin and D.V. Schroeder, Harper Collins publishers 1995, ISBN 0201503972 Paperback College Press Ltd, University of Bejing: ISBN 7-5158-0359-2
D. Tong’s Quantum Field Theory lecture notes
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W.L.G.A.M. van Neerven’s Quantum Field Theory lecture notes, reproduced with his permission.
A. Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell, Princeton University Press 2003
S. Coleman, Aspects of Symmetry, Cambridge University Press 1985


Lecturer: Prof.dr.A.Achúcarro (Ana)