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Black Holes and Gravitational Waves


Admission Requirements

TGR (Theory of General Relativity)


This course provides an introduction to the dynamical aspects of the space-time geometry in the form of gravitational waves, and of the properties of the gravitationally collapsed objects (black holes).
Topics include:
Linearized Einstein equations
Quadrupole radiation
Detection of gravitational waves
Some exact wave solutions like pp-waves
Schwarzschild and Kerr geometry
Geodesics and conservation laws
Gravitational collapse

Course objectives

A basic understanding of black holes and gravitational waves including the ability to do computations of the most important effects, within the framework of general relativity.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

Lectures based on lecture notes with exercises for self study.

Assessment method

Two-part examination, on the topics of gravitational waves and black holes separately.


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Reading list

S. Carroll Spacetime and geometry. An introduction to
General Relativity, Addison Wesley (2004)

James B Hartle Gravity – An introduction to Einstein’s General
Relativity, Addison Wesley (2003)


Contactgegevens Docent:Prof.dr.Jan Willem van Holten