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Frontiers of Measurement Techniques


Admission Requirements

Introductory quantum mechanics course.
Signal Processing and Noise provides a good preparation, with the most important requirements being:

  • a knowledge of the concept of expressing noise in units: [X]/squareroot(Hz).

  • a basic knowledge of electronics, most importantly the use of complex impedances to calculate the frequency dependence of currents and voltages,

  • the origin of thermal noise and shotnoise and

  • the functioning of an amplifier (based on operational amplifiers)
    Students that are unfamiliar with these concept are invited to mail Tjerk Oosterkamp and if necessary a special class will be organized to explain these concepts or some study material can be provided.


In this course we provide students that have an experimental interest with an overview of experimental techniques that are of interest in current condensed matter physics, quantum optics and biophysics research, with an emphasis on the research performed in the QMO and biophysics groups in the Leiden institute of physics. The teaching material will be made available through blackboard.

Course objectives

AFM, MRFM, STM, Quantum Optics techniques, super resolution optics, optical and magnetic trapping, cryogenics.


Physics Schedule

Mode of instruction

10 times a 2 hour lecture by Oosterkamp and/or guest lecturers
Homework as well as a single project assignment in small groups.

Assessment method

50% of the grade is due to the exam, 50 % of the grade is due to the project assignment.


Blackboard is used to distribute Course information
To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Reading list

Material will be available through blackboard and must be studied before the start of each lecture.

Contact information:

Lecturers (Tjerk)