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American Law of Risk


Admission requirements

Background in law and sufficient command of English. Preferably students are familiar with the basics of contract law, but this is not required.


This course will begin with a survey of the basic principles of American Contract Law. With this background, the course will trace the regulatory and enforcement mechanisms of American Insurance Law along with the policies underlying those mechanisms. The course will also examine the principles of risk allocation by private contract primarily in the form of liability insurance policies. These principles will range from approaches to interpretation to the allocation of liability in cases involving multiple insurers. The course will end with a comparative look at the principles of risk and insurance law in selected countries.

Course objectives

Objectives of the course
By the end of the term each student should:

  1. have a firm grounding in the basic principles of American contract law.
  2. have a firm grounding in the basic principles of American insurance law.
  3. be able to articulate the bases on which the business of insurance is regulated.
  4. be conservant in the bases of extra-contractual liability.
  5. have thorough knowledge of the principles of liability insurance.

Achievement levels
See under course objectives.


The timetable of this course can be found in uSis.

Mode of instruction


  • Number of (2 hour) lectures: 10

  • Name of lecturer: Prof. Leo Martinez

  • Required preparation by students: reading of literature/case law before class meetings and prepare questions for discussion.

Assessment method

Examination form(s)
Two-hour closed-book final examination that will be in a traditional essay and short answer format in English.

Submission procedures

Areas to be tested within the exam
The examination will test mastery of the required reading (literature) for the course and the material covered in the lectures.


More information on this course is offered in Blackboard.

Reading list

Obligatory course materials

  • readings to be posted on Blackboard

Course information guide:

  • outline as posted on Blackboard


  • to be announced on Blackboard

Recommended course materials
To be announced on Blackboard.


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A maximum of 40 students can participate in this course.