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Extreme Right in Western Europe: Theory, Methodology and Comparative Approaches



Content The extreme right has been one of the most growing political phenomenon, experiencing electoral success throughout the Western democracies. In this module, the students will focus on the study of extreme right and familiarise with theoretical and conceptual debates, by exploring their political and ideological characteristics but also explore related concepts like ‘radicalism’, ‘extremism’, ‘populism’, ‘ethno-nationalism’ and issues like ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’. This module introduces students to the academic literature and is aiming to answer questions regarding the identity of radical right, the reasons behind its emergence and popularity, the morphological variations, the relation between extreme right and representative democracies. The module will familiarise students with different methodological approaches e.g. emphasising on manifestos, organisational structures, leadership and introduces some methodological debates Finally, the module addresses a comparative aspect by examining different case studies and exploring their electoral behaviour and influence, voter profiles and try to draw some conclusions on correlations between the socio-economic context and the electoral impact of extreme right and through some light to the broader implications of the emergence of extreme right.

Mode of Instruction


Study Material

The Populist Radical Right: A Reader. Cas Mudde (ed.). Routledge. 2017
Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe (Extremism and Democracy). Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah L. de Lange, Matthijs Rooduijn (ed.) Routledge. 2016

Assessment method

Response papers (20%), Final Essay (40%), Presentation (30%), Participation (10%)



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