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Cell Biology (CEB)


Core course in MSc Chemistry – Chemical Biology, elective course MSc Chemistry
Note: this course is not intended for master students that did finish a BSc LST !

Admission requirements

Only for students with a MST background or “zij-instromers”. This course is NOT allowed for students with a LST BSc diploma


-The course introduces the students to the principles of cell biology. The course discusses the elementary building blocks of prokaryotic an eukaryotic cell types, the structure and functioning of the various plant and animal compartments and organelles. Protein sorting is one of the examples showing the interaction of various cellular organelles and modern visualisation techniques of cellular components and cellular processes are discussed. The cytoskeleton, cell cycle, cell-cell interactions, protein degradation and cell signalling are part of the course. Cell proliferation, cell death and antigen presentation and other membrane-receptors are extensively discussed. The various cell processes are also discussed in relation to disease-related cells, such as cancer cells. Writing scientific abstracts and essays are an essential part of the course.

At the end of the course students:

  • will have knowledge of fundamental principles of modern cell biology

  • will have knowledge of the fundamental principles of molecular derailments causing diseases

  • will have developed the ability of writing scientific abstracts

  • can digest a scientific article from the literature

  • will be able to write scientific mini-reviews based on recent (cell biology) literature.

  • will have knowledge of the societal impact of cell biology for curing world-wide threatening diseases, such as cancer.

  • will be able to understand the current cell biology literature that was not discussed

Mode of Instruction

Lectures and instructions in scientific writing




Schedule information can be found on the website of the programmes


The course is based on the following book: Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al., Sixth edition, Garland Science, ISBN:9780815344322, paper back.
Slides presented during the courses
Nature Reviews articles relevant for the cell biology course


Writing scientific abstracts (30%) and essays (70%)

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