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Genome organization and maintenance in cancer and aging (GCA)


Core course in MSc Life Science and Technology, elective course MSc Chemistry


Students with a BSc in LST or MST with Cell Biology


To understand the molecular bases for cancer and ageing, knowledge of the organization and maintenance of our genomes is of vital importance. The following topics will be dealt with: DNA stability and repair, chromatin structure, post-translational histone modifications, gene regulation, recombination, and chromatin remodelling. The molecular basis for a number of DNA repair syndromes and premature ageing diseases will be explained. Course is based on research papers and in the background the textbook The Cell Alberts, 6 edition
After this course students:

  • Will understand the molecular basis of ageing and cancer

  • Will have insight in processes involved in DNA repair and chromatin organisation through post-replication and translational modifications

  • Will be able to read literature relevant for the above mentioned diseases and processes

  • Will be able to subtract conclusions from that literature
    Presence at classes is obligatory.

Assessment method

Open book exam, no laptops at examination.


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