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Area Study Sustainability South Africa


Admission requirements

To take part in the course Area Study Sustainability, students must have followed the previous courses Big Issues New Answers and Resilient Cities.


The Area Study Sustainability South Africa consists of a two weeks intensive field module in South Africa in January 2019, at the South African Wildlife College, situated on the border of Kruger NP. The course will comprise of workshops, classroom-type seminars, field-trips and small research projects. Comparative projects on sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, human and ecosystem health will be conducted, connecting and comparing experiences from the Netherlands to South-Africa.

In the course, you will practice identifying and analyzing challenges and opportunities related to sustainable livelihoods, ecosystem health and biodiversity conservation from an interdisciplinary perspective. You will develop the analytical and practical skills to conduct cross-cultural and cross-continental comparative analyses and gain practical, hands-on knowledge in real-world settings on current challenges and opportunities related to sustainable livelihoods.

In addition, you will learn and apply key methodological approaches and techniques commonly used in field work, the importance of mixed-method approaches and how to apply these methods to analyze complex challenges which exist on the interface between different disciplines. Lastly, you are are trained in group work, including cross-cultural competencies and the ethical dimensions of conducting field work.

Timetable and examination dates

From ca. 7 January - 1 February 2019. Exact timing of the course, and programme details will be announced via Blackboard.


There are a maximum of available places. Students are advised to join the information session about this course in September during the programme of the Minor Sustainable Development. Here, you will be informed of the registration procedure, and the draft programme and practical matters of the course. In order to have an interdisciplinary group of motivated students participate in this course, a selection will be made of students who register for this course on the basis of their motivation letter and their major studies disciplines. The results of the selection will be announced mid-October.


The Blackboard module of this course will be open and available to selected students after the selection procedure is completed. Blackboard will be used to communicate course related information, including the schedule, literature, assignment details and lecture notes.


The additional costs for all European students are around €750 excluding any funding you (or we) might be able to acquire from the University or other sources. These costs do not include the return flight to Johannesburg airport (€600-800), local travel, accommodation and field trips. You will have to arrange other personal travel costs, such as vaccinations yourself.