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Food chemistry

Vak 2018-2019

Coordinator: Marianne Sinnige

The emphasis in the coarse food chemistry will be on molecules and chemical reactions. The topics are
- Enzymatic reactions
- Caramelisation and oxidation reactions
- Maillard reactions
- Chemistry of gels

Learning goals
Learning Objectives:
Student are able to:

  • Describe in their own words which molecules and chemical reactions play a fundamental role in cooking.
  • Comment on a given scientific paper about chemical reactions in relation to food and cooking
  • Understand the formation of gels in food chemistry

Final Qualifications:

  • Students know and understand the basic chemical reactions in relation to food and cooking
  • Students can document and present results.

Period: September – January
Or: February - June

Mode of instruction
Lectures, workshops

Assessment method

Blackboard will be used for communication and exchange of documents

Reading list
Will be provided

This course is part of the programme Science of Cooking, a student is required to follow all course included in this programme.
To register for this programme send an email with cv and motivation letter via Deadline for registration is 15th of June 2018.