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Demotic Papyrology III

Vak 2018-2019

Admission requirements

Demotic Papyrology II or equivalent.


This seminar takes place every two weeks. The main focus is on literary and religious texts or on texts adduced by the students themselves.

Course objectives

Reading and interpretation of texts that are uncharted territory for most Egyptologists. Participants are expected to look way beyond the available support tools and published literature.


Please consult the timetables on the Classics and Ancient Civilizations website. Classes takes place ever other week.

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total course load for the course is 5 EC (140 hours), consisting of:

  • Classes, 26 hours;
  • Preparation for the classes, 78 hours;
  • Scientific commentary on the content of a Demotic text (to be announced), 36 hours.

Assessment method

Scientific commentary on the content of a Demotic text (to be announced) (100%).


Should the overall mark be unsatisfactory, students can rewrite the paper after consultation with the lecturer.

Exam review

Students will be invited to discuss the commentary as the results have been published.



Reading List

To be announced in class.


Students are required to register for this course via uSis, the course registration system of Leiden University.


Dr. K. Donker van Heel


The course will be taught in Dutch or English, depending on the first language of participating students.