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Internship (MA Philosophy)


Students in the MA Philosophy 60 EC are allowed to include in their programme an internship of not more than 10 EC. The internship will replace one of the three, or four optional courses of 10 EC. For students in the MA Philosophy 120 EC an internship can replace not more than 10 EC of the non-philosophical component of their programme.

An internship involves working at a business or organisation under the guidance an employee of that organisation and a lecturer of the Institute for Philosophy. The activities during an internship are related to the skills that you have learned in your degree programme. If you consider to do an internship, the Student Career Service can help you find a suitable placement at one of a large number of businesses and institutions. Please see the internship guidelines and the internship rules and regulations.

One of the staff members of the Institute for Philosophy must agree to be your academic supervisor for the internship.