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Software Engineering



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Software systems are typically built over a longer period of time with diverse teams (in terms of culture and skill sets), as well as with constantly changing requirements. This results in various challenges with respect to project management. Moreover, the wishes of a client are not always easy to translate to a set of functional requirements for a software system. In addition, various non-functional requirements, such as, performance, maintenance costs, and reliability of the software system, come into play once a system has been deployed.

In the course “Software Engineering,” we study techniques for managing software development processes and for engineering high-quality software systems. These skills are honed in a lab assignment, where teams of students are assigned to develop software in real-world projects for actual clients. In the lab, students learn to apply their knowledge, while contributing working software systems to clients, consisting of LIACS staff and other partners.


  • Development processes and methodology

  • Software project management

  • Business processes

  • Requirement elicitation and analysis

  • System modeling using UML

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

Programming and algorithmic skills are required to participate in the course.


  • Managing the software development process using agile approaches

  • Learning the differences between various software development methodologies

  • Practical experience with project management and team-based software development

  • Eliciting requirements and modeling business processes

  • Modeling the design and architecture of software systems in UML

  • Applying version control, testing and quality metrics to software under development

  • Using software development tools (IDEs, version control, continuous integration, etc)


De meest recente roosters zijn te vinden op de Studenten-website:


  • Weekly lectures

  • Workshops on homework assignments

  • A lab assignment on a real-world software project


  • Two simultaneously taken written exams (25%, 25%)

  • Assessment of lab assignment (50%)

  • Grades for all separate exams and the lab assignment must be sufficient

  • Final grade: weighted average (as above) or the highest insufficient grade if any

  • All sufficient sub-grades will remain valid for one year


  • Book: H. van Vliet, Software Engineering: Principles and Practice, ISBN: 9780470031469

  • Sheets and practice materials are made available on the course website


Aanmelden via Usis: Selfservice > Studentencentrum > Inschrijven
Activiteitencodes te vinden via de studentenwebsite onder de tab 'Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen'.


Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee.